Book Submissions

We at Our Light Press, L.L.C. are interested in your manuscript. We accept all genres of material with the exception of horror and that which is sexually explicit or excessively violent.

We are not a “hybrid” publisher. That term describes the practice of an author becoming a client who pays a fee for receiving consulting, editing, design, and marketing services resulting in a book that is ready for print. Many hybrid publishers add an additional percentage of sales fee as well.

If your manuscript is accepted, Our Light Press will make an offer to the author or authors, or those who otherwise own the copyright, for the rights to that copyright. If the material submitted does not have a copyright, that is fine. The material submitted is completely confidential and secure from being copied or shared, barring the outcome of some disastrous event, of course. In fact, if you desire to submit a work that is not copyrighted, feel free to make a partial submission of no less than four chapters along with a description of the premise or direction of the work, if not clear in the limited submission. To be considered, the work submitted must be organized and edited to the extent that it is easily readable.

In the past practice of submitting manuscripts by paper copies, a publisher would state that material submitted will not be returned. Since manuscripts are submitted electronically now, we state that unaccepted material will not be stored for a period longer than six months. That amount of time allows an opportunity for reconsideration.

If you are interested in submitting a work, do so by including it (as a .docx file if possible) in an email to [email protected]. Your trust is appreciated, and your work will be respected.